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Please Click the Link Below to go to our secure online store- Thank You.

Please Click Here To Go To The On Line Store (this is a security feature)
We moved our site to a new secure server.  If you have trouble, after you go to the Store (click above), please email us ( ) or call us (310) 398-8939, and we will be happy to help you, and can take your order on the phone.  
We are in the office from 10 AM till 6 PM, Pacific Standard Time (CA, USA).  Thank you.
  YOU ACTUALLY GO TO THE "CHECKOUT" AREA (You will see the lock symbol at the top).  Before then you are on
  the information server, which is not yet on the secure site.

   IMPORTANT:  If this is your first purchase, or visit to our online store please read the following before you visit the store as it is important information you should know- thanks. 

   #1:  Shipping is high, not because we are making so much profit on it, as we are not, but because the product ( solution of dmso) is heavier than water and is packaged in glass containers- per volume it weighs a lot.  Proportionately, the more bottles/products you purchase, the much lower the shipping cost is per item.  Also, due to past experiences with the various shippers, we only ship insured for protection against loss and breakage.
   #2:  Finally, the prices quoted for shipping and handling, ESPECIALLY IF YOU ORDER TWO OR MORE ITEMS, are generally quoted higher, some times much higher, than what the charges will actually be.  The system cannot re-calculate the weights for multiple products, and adds them all up individually, which results in higher quotes.  We manually compute them and lower the price much of the time.  If you need an exact quote please call us and we will be happy to give it to you on the phone, or even e mail us with what you wish to order, and all your shipping information, and we will e mail you back with the correct amount.
   Once you get the product/s you will very much appreciate what a value they are, even though the shipping is horrible.  Best of luck.



DMSO.BZ Products Store Mail Address:
9942 Culver Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90232-1026
Phone: (310) 398-8939