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What is MSM?

MSM is an organic sulfur-containing nutrient, a naturally-occurring compound in the environment and in the human body. Sulfur is necessary for the structure of every cell in the body. Hormones, enzymes, antibodies, and antioxidants all depend on it. And because the body utilizes and expends it on a daily basis, sulfur must be continually replenished for optimal nutrition and health.

Where Does MSM Come From?

MSM originates in the oceans where microscopic plankton release sulfur compounds into seawater, which is quickly converted to DMS, a volatile sulfur compound that escapes into the atmosphere. In this suspended, gaseous state, the DMS reacts with ozone and ultraviolet sunlight to create DMSO and DMSO2, known as MSM. MSM then falls to the earth with the rain, where it is collected and concentrated in plants. Although MSM is abundant in nature, even the richest natural sources only provide MSM in the level of several parts per million. Commercial extraction of MSM from trees is not possible. MSM is produced by oxidizing DMSO. This process parallels the natural oxidation of DMSO to MSM that occurs in the marine atmosphere and produces MSM that is chemically identical to that found in nature.

What Is the  "DMSO.BZ"    Solution of DMSO?

We formulate our own solution of very high grade DMSO (over 99.9% purity), and distilled water, by volume.  The solution contains 70% DMSO and 30% distilled water.  We then add to this solution a carefully measured volume of 100% pure honey, in a proportion which our years of experimentation determined is optimal for most uses.  Because this blend is so unique, and it is our own formula, we have obtained "Patent Pending" status with the U.S. Patent Office.  As previously stated, our DMSO solution (The DMSO.BZ Solution of DMSO) is ready to use- it is pre-mixed for optimal effect, AND IT WORKS GREAT.

NOTE:  Some suppliers use industrial grade DMSO in their formulations, because it is cheaper.  Some have been using it for years.  We cannot advise this, as there may be some impurities and dangerous reactions.  We use only ultra pure, high grade, DMSO in our "DMSO.BZ" solution, so you are safe and protected.  REMEMBER, I use this exact, same solution myself, AND I COULD USE ANY SOLUTION I WANTED.

Some sellers add other products to DMSO, such as urea (which is derived, generally, from animal urine), aloe (it spoils readily, especially if not refrigerated), or other products.  NO ONE BUT US USES HONEY, WHICH IS BY FAR THE BEST ADDITIVE TO DMSO.  We spent untold hours searching for information on DMSO, and checking out the patents covering DMSO.  We did our own experimentation.  I've used DMSO for over thirty years.  Honey is the best additive for topical application, period.  Honey, alone, is a miraculous product, and has wonderful curative powers.  We have provided you with a lot of information covering honey also.  When combined with DMSO, the combination cannot be beat.  Our formulation, and the percentage of honey, was carefully derived after a lot of trail and error experimentation, on real people, usually me.  See more information below.

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Why Do We Add Honey, and Claim It Is The Best?

When  DMSO is applied topically, it is usually accompanied by a number of minor, side effects.  Because DMSO is excellent at penetrating human skin and tissue, if you put it on your skin, you will usually taste a garlicky like taste in a few moments.  Because of this characteristic, and the fact that DMSO breaks down in the human body, ones breath may smell a little like garlic, as may your body odor.  The third, POSSIBLE, side effect is a tingling, or slight burning sensation, very similar to mild sunburn, on the areas of application, especially if DMSO is put on a tender area, such as the neck or face.  Now, please understand, if you are in major pain, and have suffered physical injury, these are little prices to pay to secure the amazing relief that DMSO can, and usually will bring you, in a fairly short period of time at that.  Nevertheless, there is a better way, and we have discovered it, after years of use and experimentation.

We selected honey as the ideal agent for two reasons.  1.  Because honey lessens, and usually eliminates most of the unpleasant side effects of using DMSO.  When you use our "DMSO.BZ" solution, you usually do not experience the bad breath, taste or body odor, and the burning sensation is either entirely eliminated, or greatly reduced (sometimes, on the face or neck, for example, a fairly mild burning sensation is still noticed)  [see application information for more hints to eliminate this].  #2.  Honey is the ideal adjunct because it is so symbiotic with DMSO.  Honey, like DMSO, is a naturally occurring product, with its own curative abilities, in its own right.  Honey also helps moisturize and soothe the skin.  The literature indicates that honey is also antibacterial, and antifungal - have you ever seen honey with mold?  No!  Honey does not appear to spoil, even if not refrigerated, it does not get moldy; all it does is crystallize, which can be reversed by heating.  Honey does not need to be refrigerated to stay fresh.  Remember bees store honey outdoors, in their hives.  The accompanying literature will supply you with additional information on honey, another of nature's miracle products.

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Why Do We Use Glass Containers Exclusively?


Plastic bottles contain a number of chemicals, some of which can harm you.  The following information is excerpted from recent articles, which reference scientific studies documenting these bad effects.  If these chemicals can leach (leak) out of the plastic when only water or milk are stored in them, just imagine what can happen when a super solvent, like DMSO is stored in them.  We wouldn't use plastic bottles ourselves, and we cannot, in good conscience, supply our "DMSO.BZ" solution in them for you.  The complete articles are included on our site for reference.  We are trying to help you stay healthy.  Don't purchase DMSO, or any products containing DMSO, in plastic bottles.

"Bisphenol A is one of the most heavily used chemicals in the world today, with more than 6 billion pounds used annually. The chemical is essential to the making of polycarbonate plastic, but it can leach from the containers, which include baby bottles and water bottles. It also is used in some dental sealants.

About 90 published studies conducted on animals in the last two years had found adverse effects from low doses of bisphenol A."   A copy of a news article describing this is included on the "more info." page, and there have been several articles covering this topic since then.


     Be careful, many firms sell industrial grade DMSO.  They do this because it is much harder to acquire the purer forms of DMSO, AND INDUSTRIAL GRADE IS MUCH CHEAPER - they make more money, and sell it at the same price.  Note that almost none of the other sites state that there product is not industrial grade.  The potential problem with industrial grade is that it does not have to be manufactured, nor stored, nor packaged, under conditions that guarantee that the product is not contaminated.  This can be dangerous to your health, as the DMSO will most assuredly carry any inpurities and contaminates into your body with it.  One of the greatest benefits of DMSO is its ability to penetrate human tissue, and it carries most things with it when it does.  DMSO can also be used, in combinations with other medications, to carry them into the human body.

     Also take note of the fact that you will find only one other site (as of this writing) that it gutsy enough, and has had the actual experience with DMSO, to tell you about its usage, and how to apply it.  All the other sites ONLY SELL DMSO, as a solvent, they don't tell you about it, or how to use it. WE DO, and I tell you my personal story.


Don't waste your money.  We could sell them, but we don't.  First of all, this is just a sales gimmick.  Second of all it could hurt you.  Thirdly, it won't be as effective, and is unnecessary.  Our  "DMSO.BZ"  solution is ideal (excepting your diluting it if you are extra sensitive or applying on sensitive areas).  Everything you add to DMSO to gel it or make a cream will be carried into your tissue, and some could be harmful.  Most gelling products are not natural and have not been well studied, or studied at all, as to damaging effects when brought into human tissue.  WHY TAKE THE RISK?  Everything you add dilutes the strength of the DMSO.  Why bother?  Use the liquid.  It works great.  You don't need a gel or a cream.  If you want to use a gel or cream to soften your skin, as a lotion, great.  If you are going to use them in conjunction with DMSO, make sure of the ingredients, as they will be carried into your body.

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MSM stands for Methyl Sulfonyl Methane.  MSM is a derivative (comes from) DMSO.  MSM is a nutritional supplement and, unlike DMSO, is a solid.  It can be purchased in various forms, from powders to tablets.  Many vendors combine MSM with all kinds of things and suggest you use it topically, like DMSO.  MSM is much weaker than DMSO, so we do not personally use it topically, but, like it was intended, as a nutritional supplement.  MSM works from the inside to help heal, and keep the body working properly.  Please see the materials on MSM, and we are sure you will start taking this supplement also.

Our  "DMSO.BZ"  solution works much better and more quickly than any possible topical MSM product.  About the most MSM any topical product contains is 15%, which is pretty weak stuff - look around for yourself.  We have both DMSO, and MSM available.  We use only the "DMSO.BZ" solution for topical application, and we take MSM orally.  You can get MSM pills, or, for more economy, and ease of swallowing, get the crystals, which can be added to just about anything.  We use the "DMSO.BZ" solution topically, at the first sign of pain.  We take MSM daily, as a supplement.

     For more informaiton on MSM, click here:  MSM Information

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There have been several published articles that infer that the FDA may not always be on the side of the consumer, but may be pressured by the large drug manufacturers, and the medical profession, to make decisions that are not in the best interests of the public, but do protect the financial interests of these other groups.

The following is excerpted from articles on DMSO, authored by several physicians.  Copies of the full text articles are also provided for your interest.

[DMSO is not approved by the FDA for anything except an obscure bladder condition (interstitial cystitis), where DMSO is actually injected directly into the human bladder, and for organ preservation, pending transplantation in the human body.  Keep in mind that, since DMSO so easily penetrates human tissue, these organs are saturated with it, and then they are transplanted into the human body.

Even though this is the case, DMSO is widely used in sports medicine. Professional sports in particular are obligated to use DMSO to get their athletes recovered from injury and back on the playing field. Each team knows the competition will use it, and this would mean a tremendous advantage for the other team, if it were to be ignored. Combine that with the fact that DMSO is as safe as it is effective (unlike large-dose steroid injections, which were once commonly used in professional sports) and its use becomes mandatory in professional sports medicine.

When you consider the fact that DMSO is not a new and patentable drug, is cheap, safe and effective, and knowing what you should know about the medical establishment in the U.S., you could predict with your eyes closed that there is a propaganda campaign against DMSO. The FDA has done nothing except drag its feet in DMSO research since October 25, 1963 when the first research application to study DMSO was filed with that agency.

Despite the rejection of DMSO by the American medical establishment, this simple solvent is far from finished. Legally, it can only be sold as a solvent, but sufferers of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are using it with regularity, usually having heard of it from a friend and fellow arthritis sufferer. Only medical grade - never industrial grade - should be used on the human body due to the acetone and acid contaminants present in the industrial grade product.. A bottle will cost you only a few dollars and will save hundreds, even thousands of dollars in doctor and pharmacy bills. No wonder the medical establishment is lined up against it!

Because of FDA regulations, even the medical grade DMSO container must bear the words "Not For Medical Use." Veterinarians have no such restrictions. The government will allow a five million dollar race horse to be bathed in DMSO but tries to restrict your personal use [to even put it on your arm]!

 Many legislative battles have been fought to bypass the FDA and legalize DMSO. Sen. Mark Hatfield of Oregon and Rep. Wendell Wyatt, also of Oregon, both have introduced bills into the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives, respectively, to legalize DMSO. Since these bills were introduced, the FDA has been under legislative investigation of its regulatory procedures. Some state legislatures have legalized the prescribing of DMSO, effectively bypassing the FDA. These states are Florida, Louisiana, Montana, Nevada, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas and Washington.]  

NOTE:  Even here, the medical profession has their hands in the ointment, so to speak.  You need a prescription to get DMSO.  How do you get a prescription?  You have to go visit your doctor - what will this cost you?  Also consider the time and trouble you would have to go through.  What will it cost you each time you have to get a refill?

As explained above, the U.S. FDA has not approved DMSO for most medical uses in our country.  For this reason all DMSO sold to the public is sold the only way it can be sold, as a solvent only, with the ultimate usage left up to the discretion of the buyer.  We, unlike almost every other seller on the web, are providing you with the facts about DMSO, and usage instructions, so that you may make an informed decision on your own. 

We all can benefit from DMSO.  It can, and will save us from pain and discomfort.  The "DMSO.BZ" solution will improve the quality of our lives.  If only it were available.  NOW IT IS!!!! 

    We can tell you about DMSO, and our improvement, The DMSO.BZ solution, because our right to tell you, and your right to read about it are protected by the United States Constitution.  I can, and will tell you my story, for the same reason, however we cannot sell you the DMSO.BZ solution of DMSO for medicinal use because of the FDA roadblock, and must sell it as a solvent only, with your usage left entirely up to you.  This is truly ironic because the FDA has approved DMSO for injection into the human body (Rimso 50) and to soak human tissue in to preserve it pending transplant into the human body, but we can't sell it for you with the specific intent for you to put it on your wrist, or finger- go figure.  Also, of note, are the facts that your doctor, for a price, can prescribe DMSO for the same uses we tell you about here, and it is used in over 125 countries for human use, just as we tell you about- just not in the USA.


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