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How To Apply, And Use The  "DMSO.BZ" Solution of DMSO:

Please keep in mind here:  We are talking about our proprietary blend of DMSO, the DMSO.BZ solution, which is ready to use.  It is  not pure DMSO, which is too strong to use undiluted, and actually not as effective as DMSO with some water.

Apply the solution with a cotton ball, pad, or even the fingers, to the area to be treated.  Put on an ample coating, but not enough that it drips off, and cover the areas surrounding the injured area also, for a couple of inches.  If you wish more rapid absorption, you can softly rub the area.  If you choose to do this, don't rub too much, or too hard, as you can irritate the skin.  If you use your fingers, which I do a lot, you don't even have to wash it off - just rub it into your hands.  It helps them and aids the tissues and joints, so why waste it?

Don't contaminate the bottle.  Always pour some solution into a small glass, cup, or other container, and apply from this container.  You don't have to throw out the cotton ball, or pad after each application- just drop it in the glass with the "DMSO.BZ" solution you poured out, until you are going to apply it again later.  If you want to be extra safe, cover the container with some plastic wrap between applications.  I don't bother with this, but it is not a bad idea, as the DMSO can absorb things from the air.

Within a few minutes you will notice the solution being absorbed into the skin.  If you do notice some stinging (this may be accompanied by some redness), especially in very tender areas, such as the neck and face, it usually goes away in just a few minutes.

The sooner you apply the "DMSO.BZ" solution to the injured area, after injury, the quicker the healing process can begin, and some of the pain and tissue damage can actually be curtailed, and much of the bruising eliminated.

After the initial application, an additional application can be made after one half hour to one hour.  You can continue applying the solution thereafter, every hour, or several hours, until the desired relief is obtained.  This is quite an individual thing, and varies from injury to injury and from area to area, and, sometimes, even person to person.  You can, and will, experiment on yourself and you will shortly determine what works for you.  If you have chronic arthritis, or other pain, you may end up using an application, or two, every day to ease the pain, or keep the pain away entirely.

It would be hard to use too much  "DMSO.BZ"  solution, as it is classified as one of the safest products known.  DMSO is naturally present in many of our food products and it has even been conjectured that it most likely exists naturally in human tissue.  It is also stated that its derivative, MSM is definitely found at the cellular level (see the literature).  If you use it too often on any given area, or rub too hard, about the only problem you will incur is a little burning and redness.  After several days, though this is rare, except in the most tender areas, you may also notice some of the surface skin peeling, or flaking off, just like in mild sunburn.  Again, a small price to pay.   Also, I am talking about more sensitive areas, which are almost always above the shoulders, unless you are very fair skinned, or you are one of the very very rare individuals who are extra sensitive to DMSO, which I have personally never heard about or met, but only read a reference to.  I have used the DMSO.BZ solution on all body areas, with the only exception being intentionally putting it in my eyes.  Almost without exception, the only times it stings is occasionally when I apply it to my neck or face, and that does not last long.

If you do put it on too often, rub too hard, or use it on a very tender, thin skinned area, and get the burning sensation and redness, you may also notice some itching - yes, just like in a  case of mild sunburn.  If this occurs you can use some pure, high quality, skin cream, or plain old honey.  If you use skin cream, just make sure it does not have many chemical additives, as they will also be absorbed into the skin, if you are continuing to apply the "DMSO.BZ" solution.  Another trick we learned, to stop the itching, is to apply a little Mineral Ice, or similar product.  The itching stops in just a few minutes. 

HELPFUL HINT:  This also works great if you start to itch from dry weather or changes in the weather- I have used this trick often and it really works great.  We have a very low priced, generic label product, called "Crystal Ice", which does the trick and is also available on our  order page.

If you have a headache you can apply the  "DMSO.BZ"  solution to your temple areas and it may afford relief.  It has worked for me, and many others, however it does not always work for everyone, or every time.  The same goes for migraine headaches.  We are not making any claims that the "DMSO.BZ" solution will cure your migraine headaches, but it is worth a try, as it has worked for some, and does not work for others.

Always test the  "DMSO.BZ"  solution on a small area first, just in case you are extra sensitive.

Another thing you can do if your skin is particularly sensitive to the solution (you are fair skinned, extra sensitive to the sun, etc.), or if you are going to use it on a more tender area (the neck and face), is to add a little filtered, or distilled water, to the "DMSO.BZ" solution.  This cuts down its effectiveness somewhat but, unless you reduce the portion of DMSO to less than 50%, it will still work.  You may add up to 25% distilled or filtered water to each portion of the  "DMSO.BZ"  solution.  This will cut down on any burning quite a bit, or completely eliminate it, and yet still maintain much of the effectiveness of the "DMSO.BZ" solution.   However, the more you dilute it, the more you will have to apply it, and the longer it will take to become effective.

I've put the  "DMSO.BZ"  solution on my neck and face a number of times (headache and sore neck at the same time), full strength, and it does burn somewhat, sometimes more than others.  The burning isn't great, and does not last long, and the end result is worth it.  If it bothers you, just add more of the water.  Experiment.  I have found that, even if it burns when first applied, after you put it on a few times, when treating the same injury, it does not hurt after the first two, or so applications.  The "DMSO.BZ" solution even stops the pain from its own application.  I have personally applied it all over the body and about the only areas that are somewhat sensitive are my face and neck, and I always us it full strength.

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