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Why Buy Pain Ease When You Can Buy a Cheaper Product?


What About Those Heating Pads With Pretty Colors?



         There are cheeper products, especially those flat, generally pretty colored ones.  The flat ones do not retain heat nearly as well and don't fit most of the bodies curved areas nearly as well as the Pain Ease (they can't be as effective), and are generally really hard to hold in place.  Even for the back, the Pain Ease is great.  It is very flexible and can be folded in half and you can lie down on it on a couch, chair, or in bed.  Very few other products even have a strap attached, so you can't hold them in place without having to hold them with your hands.  The Pain Ease is the only one we know of that comes readily equipped with a very flexible handle, and a strap and clip system, to easily hold it in place in most areas, without having to hold it with your hands.  A few others have now copied us and put some type of strap on theirs, but still do not have our design, with the strap, handle and a clip system.

          Most don't come with covers and, if they do they generally charge you a lot for them.  The basic units can not be washed, only the covers can be washed.  FREE GIFT:  Remember, as a web promotion, each Pain Ease purchased comes with a free cover.

          The colored ones are pretty, but this is not why you are buying them, EVEN IF YOU GIVE THEM FOR GIFTS.  You are purchasing the Pain Ease to ease pain, not for its beauty.  The pretty ones look nice BUT REMEMBER, ALL THE COLORS CONTAIN DYE, WHICH CAN BE A HEALTH HAZARD, ESPECIALLY WHEN HEATED AND HELD NEXT TO THE BODY.  We could easily color the Pain Ease covers, but we made the decision not to do so because the natural cloth is safe to use and won't cause a possible allergic reaction, or other problems.

         Buy the Pain Ease, you will be happy you did, and you can use it hundreds of times, just as long as you don't over heat it.

         Thanks for taking the time to read this.


Remember, The Pain Ease Helps Relieve and Prevent:

Tension Headaches · Spraines · Muscle Aches and Pains, and can Save You  Money

Man -  Natural Health Products for pain relief.  Home Pain Ease, the best microwave heating pad, wrap and pack on the market, the Bed Buddy replacement.  Manufacturer  of DMSO.BZ, the most effective DMSO topical solution, as well as MSM nutritional supplement, and Wood Lock medicated balm.
The Pain Ease is multi-purpose. Only the imagination, and ones own experimentation, will limit the many uses of this wonderful product.

Pain Ease saves you money! If you use pain ease it can save you trips to the doctors, chiropractors or physical therapists office, which will save you potentially $100's over the life of the pain ease.

Use Pain Ease to Aid in Preventing Tension Headaches
Not only does Pain Ease help relieve pain and headaches after you already have them, but, if you learn to use the Pain Ease when you start to feel a headache coming on, the Pain Ease may actually prevent it from developing. This is especially true of tension headaches caused by the muscles of the neck, shoulders, and/or upper back.

Have you experienced the warmth of Pain Ease?
We recommend you do!

Order Pain Ease Now ]

If you apply the Pain Ease prior to heavy work, sports, or exercise you can prevent many sprains and muscle pulls, etc., as the pain ease warms the muscles so that, even if you fail to properly stretch or warm up enough the Pain Ease can really help you avoid injury.

Use Pain Ease for:

1. Computer Wrist Rest: The Pain Ease is The best, most versatile, computer wrist rest in the world! You can use it at room temperature or adjust the temperature (hot, warm, or cold) for added relief and pain prevention. For your convenience, adjust Pain Ease to match match your height by shifting the contents, and/or folding it over to obtain the best position.

2. Microwave Hot Pack or Hot Wrap: Just heat it in a microwave oven. After you get it to the desired temperature, it can be placed on or around many areas of the body and secured with the handle and strap-the neck, wrist, elbow, shoulder, ankle, back, knee-everywhere. The feet can also be placed on The Pain Ease to warm them up. This is great for circulation!

 Moist Heat:
The proprietary blend of organic materials provides a soothing moist heat. After repeated cycles the moisture will start to diminish, which will not lessen the effectiveness of the Pain Ease. If you would like to add new moisture just microwave the Pain Ease with a cup of water - the steam will add new-moisture to the Pain Ease. DO NOT PUT WATER ON THE PAIN EASE.

4. Freezer Cold Pack/Wrap: Just put it in the freezer for a few hours, or overnight, for a delightful and refreshing cold pack.

As a cold wrap/pack The Pain Ease provides a nice cooling effect, without the need for an insulating towel. The naturally organic ingredients do not freeze, so Pain Ease will not feel as cold as an ice or geletan pack. The Pain Ease is much more comfortable and seems to provide longer cooling.

5. Body Warmer: It can be put around the neck on a cold night to help warm the body, or placed in a jacket pocket for the same purpose.

6. Bed Warmer: Put the Pain Ease under the covers to warm them before climbing inside-it feels great!

7. Elbow/Arm Rest: Put the Pain Ease on the desk as an elbow/arm rest when doing desk work. It provides a nice, soft, cushioning effect against a hard desk surface.

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* GUARANTEE: The Pain Ease works so well that most users purchase more than one and also give them as gifts, however we guarantee YOUR satisfaction. Try the Pain Ease for 30 days. If you are not satisfied then just send it back, in unsoiled, good condition, with your proof of purchase, and your money will be refunded (except for the shipping and handling charges).

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