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Introduction - My Personal Story

DMSO, Over Twenty Five Years of Use

March 1, 2006:  This is exciting, even for me, and I've been using DMSO for all these years, so I am putting a little note here.  I have been updating/adding information as it becomes available, or as I have experienced it, so please check the March 1st update, below- thanks.

     "Hello, my name is Albert.  I have now reached my sixties.  Other than a few of the normal aches and pains, which the  "DMSO.BZ" solution takes away, I am in excellent health and physical condition.  I also exercise regularly.  I have been using DMSO personally for over thirty years, and take MSM as a nutritional supplement.  I would like to introduce you to these truly amazing products.  Some have called DMSO, and its derivative MSM, the aspirin of the twentieth, and now twenty-first, centuries, but they are much more, and they have no dangerous side effects, such as almost all prescription, and most non-prescription medications, even aspirin, and the other NSAIDs have.
You will find a lot of material on DMSO and MSM in these pages.  There are copies of actual pages from U.S. Government Patents (attesting to its many, almost miraculous healing abilities), articles, and links.  Also included is a copy of a rather lengthy technical report, which documents a major clinical study of DMSO.  This study established just how safe DMSO actually is. 

I will provide you with a brief description of DMSO, and our product ("DMSO.BZ"), and explain my personal experiences.  You can read the additional information by clicking on the "MORE INFO", and "More About DMSO" buttons on the left, and the other links, or just search under "DMSO, etc" on the web- thanks.

DMSO is a relatively clear liquid, originally derived, as a by-product, from the wood-pulp paper manufacturing process, which, when applied to the skin, acts as an amazing curative agent.  We have all heard, and possibly used, one of the numerous types of sports, or heat rubs.  Some of these are: Wood Lock (the best, imported from China, is available on our site), Mineral Ice, Liquid Heat, and Tiger Balm, to name just a few.  Their purpose is to provide a type of chemically induced heat to the localized area, and thus help alleviate sore muscles, aches and pains.  I/we don't use them for this purpose.  Even Wood Lock, which is the strongest, and best of them all, is not used by us for localized heating.  I use it for aromatherapy purposes, and, occasionally to rub on my temples to help eliminate headaches (it tingles a little), or prevent them.  Usually,  now, I just rub on the DMSO.BZ solution, which, other then the smell, also tingles a little and does pretty much the same thing.  If I wish the aromatherapy, I use the Wood Lock .  If you need localized heat, such as prior to exercise (to prevent injury), or to soothe and help to alleviate a stiff neck, then use the Pain Ease, microwave heating pad/pack, or some other heating pad.  This gives instant heat, and allows it to penetrate much deeper than any of these, so called, heat rubs, and a heating pad is safe, and non-chemical. 

Our DMSO.BZ solution of DMSO, like the heat rubs, is also applied topically (to the skin).  This is where the similarity ends.  The DMSO.BZ solution does not produce localized heating.  The DMSO.BZ solution alleviates sore muscles, aches and pains, BUT IT DOES SO MUCH MORE.  The "DMSO.BZ" solution actually penetrates human tissue and promotes and aids in the healing process;  it reduces swelling, bruising and tissue damage, and helps stop pain associated with these injuries.  DMSO does this all safely, effectively and, with this formula (dmso.bz solution), with little or none of the minor side effects normally associated with its use.

Keep in mind when you read these pages, that you are here to help yourself and your loved ones have a higher quality of life; to ease, and/or eliminate pain, to prevent injury in the first place, and learn how to  help injuries to heal much more rapidly, and with much less discomfort than you have previously experienced, or even known can be the case.

We are not informing you about products with "pretty" colors, or that smell like perfume.  We are telling you, and informing you, about real products to help improve your quality of life.  The minor side effects of the DMSO.BZ solution- possibly a little stinging if your are extra sensitive, or use it on tender, thin skinned areas, such as the face and neck, just feels like a minor sunburn (this goes away in a few minutes), and, if you do notice it, a little garlicky taste, or smell, cannot even be compared to the relief and benefits you will derive from its use.  The Pain Ease is plain and natural.  You don't want colors, especially with heat and moisture, next to your skin.  If you give them as gifts, and they do make excellent gifts, wrap them in pretty wrapping paper.  These are real medical devices, not toys nor decorations.

I have been active all my life.  I now play racquetball three times per week, and have for many years, usually for close to two hours per session.  Racquetball is a very active and demanding sport.  If it were not for DMSO, I could not continue to play as I have been. I often play with twenty, thirty and forty year olds, and I do very well against them, however, it is a sad fact of aging, no matter how good of shape one is in, that muscle tone is not as good, cartilage is not as thick, tendons and ligaments are not as flexible, or resilient, as they were when one is younger.  At any age, the knees, wrists, elbows, hips, lower back, and shoulders are all prone to injury, not just from racquetball, but from many other sports, and just daily living.  Even exercise, to stay in shape, can cause injuries. As one ages it becomes easier to become injured.

The "DMSO.BZ" solution has been a lifesaver.  When I am injured - tennis elbow, sore wrist (missed a shot and really twisted it), hurt my hip (old injury, so prone to pain), too much strain on the shoulder (rotator cuff injury), or even getting hit with the ball (it can go well over 100 miles per hour), which really hurts and causes a lot of tissue damage, bruising and swelling, I apply our "DMSO.BZ" solution to the affected area.  Within a few minutes the pain lessens and, inside, the healing process starts.  Swelling is reduced, usually greatly, bruising is lessened, or eliminated, and healing of the tissues is greatly speeded up.  This is sound, medical fact, supported by over fifty years of clinical trials and actual usage, as the accompanying literature will document.

Some of the scientific terminology, as to why and how DMSO works are:  free radical scavenger, tends to increase the production of lymphokines (chemical immune cell mediators), blocks pain by interrupting conduction in the small c-fibers, the non-myelinating nerve fibers, etc.  As I state, there are numerous papers documenting this most wondrous product, most written by research scientists and physicians and, even now, after so many years of usage, some of its curative processes, like the workings of aspirin (which has bad side effects), are still not known.  DMSO just works, and works amazingly well.  DMSO improves so many conditions that it is one of the broadest spectrum agents known to science.  We discovered documentation indicating that DMSO is used, as a medical treatment, in over 125 countries in the world; just not in the USA due to the power (big bucks) of the drug and medical profession interests.  You can't legally buy it to put on your arm, however it has been approved to inject directly into the human bladder (Rimso 50- 50% DMSO and 50% oral saline solution or water)  for a horrible inflammatory condition called interstitial cystitis.  That's right, the FDA, after many years, and lots of pressure, finally approved the injection of DMSO directly into the human body to help improve this painful, chronic condition, because almost nothing else works, but DMSO.  You can use nail polish remover freely, which generally contains acetone, classified as a much more dangerous solvent, but not one of the safest products known to man, DMSO.

Am I sticking my neck out here, yes.  Do I feel it is worth it, YES.  The information has to get out, and you all have to have this knowledge and be able to benefit from it.  DMSO, and the DMSO.BZ solution are really that good- it is like a miracle solution - it really heals- it really alleviates and can eliminate pain - it really reduces, and/or prevents swelling.  You may not believe it, but once you try it, you will never be without it.

In simple language, I liken some of its therapeutic effects to this:  Put a drop of food coloring, or water based ink, on a paper napkin or towel.  Note how concentrated it is, especially initially, and at the center.  Now, slowly add drops of water to the center of the color drop.  Notice how the coloration spreads out, and the concentration is greatly diminished as more and more water is added. 

The example above is how I have experienced the effects of DMSO working on swelling and bruising.  When you have a bruise (black and blue mark), or hit your shins, or arm, etc. on some hard object, like a coffee table edge, and it swells up and is very sore, you can apply the "DMSO.BZ" solution.  You will notice the pain diminishing, usually within minutes the swelling starts to subside, and the coloration spreads out and lessens, almost like the water drops and ink, but slower.  Internally, the tissues are beginning to heal, and will do so much more rapidly with the application of DMSO, than without it.  The curative effects can seem almost miraculous, such as when you sprain an ankle.  I have been able to resume playing within a day or two, whereas, without DMSO, it would have taken three to four times as long.  These are my personal experiences, and those of many others.  We are not suggesting that you to forego treatment by a physician, if the injury calls for it, but, for most of the normal discomforts of life, DMSO can make life so much more pleasant.  You can also save a lot by not having to go for treatment for simple injuries, such as sprains and muscle strains.  The DMSO will reduce the swelling and alleviate the pain to the degree that you will most likely not even need any pain killers, let alone prescription medication.  Remember, the "DMSO.BZ" solution also promotes the actual healing of the damaged tissue; you will heal quicker, and generally much better, by applying it, than without it.  It has even been injected directly into the spinal cord fluid to help with spinal cord injuries in numerous instances (not by me), and even directly into the brain  (read latest update- 6-17-07).

We don't wish you to take our word for the above claims.  We are providing you with substantial information, and some links, on our site, for you to do your own research, and then make your own conclusion.  The answer is inescapable, DMSO is truly a wondrous product, and our "DMSO.BZ" solution is the best formula, period.  the DMSO.BZ solution has been granted "Patent Pending" status by the U.S. Patent and Trade Mark Office for this unique and effective formula.

I have chronic neck pain, which seems to come and go.  It occurs most often if I fall asleep with my head elevated at the wrong angle.  I wake up, usually in the middle of the night, with a terrible pain in my neck, just below the base of the skull.  If I don't do anything about it, the pain then travels into my head, and I end up with a pretty strong headache.  The doctors cannot find anything wrong, even with MRI's and x-rays.  They speculate that a nerve is getting squeezed and then swells up.  For years I have lived with this.  I don't like medication, unless absolutely necessary, for a well defined illness, and don't even like to take aspirin, which also can cause severe problems.  I was either miserable for a day or two, until the swelling went down on its own, or was compelled to take two Excedrin, sometimes several times during a 24 hour period, to get rid of the pain, which also eased the swelling and took the pressure off of the nerve.  I don't like even aspirin, because of the possible side effects.  When I was really bothered one morning, rather than taking the Excedrin, I decided to apply the  "DMSO.BZ" solution.  It took several applications, but the pain went away in a relatively short period of time.  If I catch it quickly enough, when I wake up, and the pain is just starting, I can usually short circuit the whole process by applying the "DMSO.BZ" solution, sometimes with only one application.  Usually it takes two or more, fifteen minutes to one half hour apart. 

9-7-05 update:  Even though I have used DMSO for over thirty years, and am really considered an authority on its general usage, I have, until recently, not used it as a preventative measure.  I, like most of the rest of we users, have waited until there was a need- an injury, or, in my case, a pain in my neck, before I used our DMSO.BZ solution.  Recently, over the last few months, I have started using it as a preventative measure, with wonderful results.  A lot of the time I will put a little on my neck, just before bedtime, or even during the day if I feel a little tender there, as a preventative measure.  Since I know I have this particular problem, I figured that it just might eliminate the problem.  This was a good assumption.  Because I use it a head of time, and, other than a little stinging when I first apply it, sometimes, there are no side effects.  I do not usually even get the pain any longer.  My quality of life has improved, AND, IF YOU GIVE IT A CHANCE, THERE IS A GOOD LIKELIHOOD THAT YOURS WILL ALSO.

I have also started rubbing some on my knees several times during the week, before I play racquetball, to help prevent knee injury and assist the tissue in recovering from the trauma of my playing.  This has also had great results.  One of my playing partners, around my age, has had two knee surgeries, and how has to have a very painful injection directly into the knee joint to allow him to walk properly.   This also allows him, without his doctor's blessings, to continue to play racquetball.  He now uses our DMSO.BZ solution to help ease his pain, reduce the swelling, and possibly help prevent further damage.  I decided, before I really had a problem, I should use it as a preventative measure, so I do.  My knees hurt less after I play, and I am ready to play more quickly than before.  This is the same for my shoulder, elbow and wrist.

By adding our "DMSO.BZ" solution, msm, and possibly even the Pain Ease, to your arsenal of healthful living products, such as exercise, proper diet, and vitamin supplements (of which MSM is a must), your quality of life will be greatly improved.  You will feel better, heal better, and quicker, have less pain, and be able to resume activities, or just normal living, much more quickly than without these products.

I have raised a family (three healthy and active boys- an environmental biologist/parasitologist, a computer and programming expert, and a entrepreneur and avionics electronics repair specialists) all with DMSO, and have referred it to numerous friends and racquetball partners over the years.  All have profusely thanked me many times for introducing this wonderful product to them.  Most use it regularly, as do many sports figures, physicians, and athletes throughout the world.  One of my racquetball buddies, whom I hadn't seen for several weeks, stopped by to play.  We were talking about the DMSO.BZ solution, and how effective it has been for several of the newer users, when Howard mentioned that he has been using DMSO for over twenty five years himself and emphasized, just like me, that he couldn't continue playing racquetball like he does without it.  Howard is sixty six years old (he is old), whereas I am only sixty one.

Because of numerous requests, and all the recent publicity about the dangers of many pain relieving medications, some of which have been pulled from the market, we have now arranged for the  "DMSO.BZ"  solution to be made available to the public.

It is my sincere feeling, and belief, that everyone should have this miraculous product  available to them.  The quality of your life will be greatly improved, and your pain lessened.

As I use, and/or discover new uses, I will update this section, usually at the end, so you will not have to read it all to note the additions.

For usage instructions, information on what the "DMSO.BZ" solution is comprised of, why it is the best DMSO product on the market, and why we package in glass bottles for your safety, either click on the links or go to the "INFORMATION" section."

Thank you for your time.


Sore Gums:  I went on a cruise in late May (my honeymoon- we dated for over six years).  Just prior to the trip I cut my gum somehow, and it was quite painful.  I knew I would be eating a lot on the ship, so I dutifully took my bottle of DMSO.BZ solution with me.  I started taking about a tablespoonful, or a little more, in my mouth, and holding it around the sore area for a few minutes, both prior to, and after, my meals.  This reduced the swelling and took away the pain, which allowed me to enjoy my meals.  After a few days, even though I continued to irritate the gum by continued eating of my meals, and the snacks in between (I couldn't play racquetball so had to do something while Kathy (my wife) was gambling)), it healed beautifully in  few days.  At first I spit out the solution after a few minutes, after it did its work.  I then remembered that several persons, with whom I have talked, swallowed DMSO every day, with no reported ill effects.  I then decided that I would try it also, so I did.  After I held it in place, I then just swallowed it, and had no bad effects.

Preventative measure:  Knees and neck. Also, use on temples to help alleviate/eliminate some headaches:  Talked about above.

Nail Cuticles:   Using DMSO to soften and lessen scar tissue is well known.  As a side effect of this aspect I discovered that it also easily softens, AND REMOVES, nail cuticles.  This is good for trimming, etc.  I discovered this by accident as I used DMSO.BZ solution, over the weekend, quite a bit on several areas.  I applied it with my fingers  and just rubbed it in, allowing it to dry on my hands.  What I noticed by the third day was that my cuticles, on the three fingers that I used to apply the DMSO.BZ solution, had the cuticles softened so that they just came off with a little rubbing.  If you use the solution a lot in any given period of time, and apply it with your fingers, if you don't want this to happen, just rinse off the DMSO.BZ solution under water after you apply it where you need it- this way the effects will not build up on your  fingers.

Last Update (above):  September 22, 2005

March 1, 2006 Update: This will further prove the effectiveness, AND THE SAFETY of the DMSO.BZ solution of DMSO.  As I've explained, I have a chronic neck problem.  Usually, by applying the DMSO.BZ solution every day, or so, depending upon whether or not my neck is tender, I can short circuit my neck pain getting really bad.  Last Thrusday I woke up at about 3 A.M. with a horrible pain at the top and at both sides of my neck.   It was so bad that the pain was radiating into my head.  I knew, from past experience, that DMSO, alone, would not do much good at this stage, so I took three aspirins and tried to go to sleep.  After an hour or so the pain started to subside and, sometime later I fell asleep for an hour or so.  Around 9 A.M. I again awoke, with the pain getting worse again.  This time I took three more aspirin.  After a while I was able to get a little more sleep, finally getting up around 11 A.M.

It was at this stage, not wanting the pain to come back, and not knowing just what I had done to cause it to be so bad in the first place, that I decided to take some "drastic" remedial action.  I knew DMSO had been injected directly into the spinal column, and other areas, many times during research studies, and in medical treatment, but never by me.  I decided to inject some of our DMSO.BZ solution into my neck where it still hurt and was so tender.  I further diluted the solution with a little more water and injected around 1/2 of an insulin syringe full directly into my neck, below the skull.  After I injected it it hurt for about five minutes, and then the pain went away.  I have to tell you that my neck has not been better in many many months than it has been after I injected the DMSO.BZ solution.  It actually feels near normal, and a lot better than normal for me.

I am not suggesting that you inject the DMSO.BZ solution.  What this proves to me is that our product is about the purest you can get and, if it can be safely injected (about one half inch deep) into the body, it certainly is safe to apply to the skin.  I would not hesitate to do this again, if the need arises.  This may have something to do with an old, but relatively unknown therapy, called "prolo therapy", which I have only recently read about.  I'm not sure, but there may be a tie in.

October 3, 2006 Update: 

   Over the last six months or so I have injected myself a number of times.  The curative, i.e. pain relieving effects, seem to last me from one week to three weeks, with no side effects of any type.  On one occasion I decided to inject my left shoulder, as I have been bothered with recurrent pain and some limited motion off and on for years.  An MRI did not show any damage, but the pain was still there and I had lost a good deal of strength in that arm.  Over the years I have had two or three cortisone injections with only limited and temporary relief  being provided.  Cortisone is not safe and can have long term harmful effects, which is why physicians are reluctant to use it often, and sometimes not at all.  I decided that the DMSO.BZ solution would be a safe alternative and may just do the trick.  My arm has been good for months now, starting a few days after the injection of the DMSO.BZ solution of dmso.

Again, I am not suggesting that you self inject dmso.  I am only reporting what I have done personally in my continuing saga of my usage of our DMSO.BZ solution of dmso.  I have had wonderful results with no bad side effects of any kind.

UNDERARM DEODORANT:  This will seem hokey, however it is something you may wish to know.  Since I play racquetball three times per week, always after work, I don't have any time to wash or shower before I play.  On one particular hot day I really had bad b.o.   I usually keep some deodorant handy, but ran out.  I decided to try some DMSO.BZ, dmso, solution, since it fights bacteria, which is the major cause of body odor.  To my pleasant surprise it worked great and lasted for hours.  Since that time Kathy, my wife, has used it also and it worked for her, and a number of friends.

    Thats it for now.  For those of you who have shared your excellent experiences with the DMSO.BZ solution of dmso, we thank you and hope you have much continued success.


June 17, 2007 Update:  It has been too long since I updated/added to this section and I apologize.  I have been too busy with this and other ventures.

Hair Growth:  My hair has been thinning for years, and my wife has, jokingly, reminded me many times.  I, long ago, read about dmso and how it sometimes helps with hair growth and, long ago I even tried it.  I remember, being the impatient sole that I am, that I put it on a few times and did not notice any changes.  I discontinued using it for that purpose and really did not give it a chance.  This was years ago.  My hair was getting thinner- front, middle, and back (crown), and I really didn't want to get involved with Rogaine, or some other product that had to be applied, I believe, daily, forever, let alone that were quite expensive.  I decided to try the dmso.bz solution of dmso and give it a fair try this time- I had nothing to lose, except bald spots.  My results have been wonderful, for the both of us.  It seems to work on all the areas.  I am not saying that I have full, THICK, hair in all the thinning areas, because I do not, but I do have considerably more hair in the thinning areas than I had.   My assumption is that I would have even better results if I had started using the dmso.bz solution before it got so bad.  This is predicated upon the medical fact that the sooner dmso is applied to an injury, the better the results.  I have only been using it for a couple of months, two times per day, three days per week.  I'll see what happens as time goes one and report to you here.  Again, it may not work for everyone, but it is cheap enough to give it a try.

Injections:  My left shoulder is still as good as new, with only that one injection, and it has been about two years now.  I hurt my right shoulder about six months ago by overplaying and probably should have stopped playing while it healed.  I started using the dmso.bz solution, often, on my shoulder and have injected it a number of times.  It is now almost healed completely.  This has (foolishly I admit) allowed me to continue to play racquetball, which I really enjoy during this whole time period, never having to miss a game because of the pain.  I admit it took a lot longer to heal than if I had just used the dmso.bz solution and not played, but then I would have missed a lot of fun and great physical exercise.  I have also continued to inject my neck as needed and this really provides relief for a week to a month or so.  We've now taken a new series of MRIs and are hoping that something may show up that is treatable- we will see.

I have been spending considerable time and effort to try to find out why the FDA, other than the obvious, still has refused to acknowledge this wonderful product.  I have searched the FDA website, and even called them.  I was referred to the EPA, and have done likewise with their web site.  There is almost nothing about dmso being restricted, it is just not approved.  No one can sell it for medical use, as a topical application, even though a physician can prescribe it for that purpose.  We, as consumers can use it freely, topically, as we see fit, just like so many other products.  I can tell you about it, and about my usage of it.  I just cannot sell it for medical use, nor promise that it will do anything, other than be the solvent that it is.

In my perusals of their sites I found out a couple of very interesting applications that further lead credence to the fact that the FDA really does know how wonderful dmso is and, in particular, just how safe it is.   One is called Enteryx.  This is a polymer type material, WHICH IS DISSOLVED IN DMSO, and then injected into the "lower esophageal sphincter".  This is used for people who have gastric reflux, and other types of problems.  The report says don't worry about the dmso, it just is absorbed by the body and excreted.  The other application really blew my mind a little.  This product is called Onyx.  This is a similar type product, ALSO DISSOLVED IN DMSO.  This solution is then injected "into the brain...".  The report then states that "The DMSO solvent dissipates into the blood....".  This leaves, as with the Enteryx application, with the product solidifying for its intended application.  They treat the dmso like it was nothing important and are apparently not worried about it.  Of course there are guidelines as to how much, and how quickly these products can be injected, but there is no real worry about the dmso.

****JANUARY 12, 2009:  (Hard to Believe so much time has gone by.)

     As usual, I'm pressed for time so I will give you more information on what I have learned over the last many months and then organize it better later.

    ALSO NOTE THAT WE NOW HAVE A FORUM FOR ALL YOU DMSO, AND MSM USERS.  Please share your experiences and help each other.  The address is:  www.forum.dmso-use.com


     I have always said that I have used the DMSO.BZ solution from the bottom of my feet to the top of my head, and everywhere in between, with the exception of intentionally putting it into my eyes (even though I have gotten some of it in there a number of times).  This is no longer the case- I have now intentionally put it directly in to my eyes, with excellent, positive, results. 

     We were coming back from an out of state road trip.  Occasionally, while on the freeways, once or twice a year, I have experienced some type of eye irritation, usually in one eye only, but occasionally in both eyes.  It feels like a small grain of dirt or something and is really irritatingly painful.  Nothing seems to work to stop it.  I have tried eye drops, water, rubbing, etc. and it just hurts and tears for up to a hour or more before it goes away on its own.  I usually close the troubled eye and then cover it with a napkin behind the lens to my eyeglasses for that eye, just to give it a better rest.

     This time it hit me there was nothing I could do to stop the pain and discomfort.  I was driving and was really suffering.  My neck was also giving me a problem.  My neck was bothering me due to the constant vibration of the car.  I had my recurrent neck pain and had to inject myself while out of state, however we started the trip back before I could allow it to rest and the DMSO.BZ solution to take effect.  I have always taken an hour or so to allow my neck to rest after injection and it works out great.  I have never gone on a trip immediately.  Now I will know better.  Apparently the constant irritation from the movement does not allow the swelling to go down sufficiently to stop the irritation caused by the car's vibration. 

     I rinsed my eye out with water, tried some eye drops, let it rest, etc.  Nothing worked and it got unbearable.  I decided to try the DMSO.BZ solution, WHICH I WOULD NOT LEAVE HOME WITHOUT.  I put a few drops in with my finger.  I did this several times over about four or five minutes.  It stung a little for a minute or so and then my eye got steadily better, AND IT STAYED THAT WAY.  NOTE:  When I first tried it I further diluted the solution with more water, by about 50% and tried that.  This did not work quickly enough for me so I then decided to try it full strength (not pure DMSO, but the full strength DMSO.BZ solution, which is 70% DMSO and 30% distilled water, plus the honey). 


     Just for the record, one of the gals I work with also used it directly in her eyes with positive results and no problems.


OPEN WOUNDS:   Over the last year or so I have used the DMSO.BZ solution directly on open wounds with wonderful results.  Again, I am not recommending that you do so, just reporting on my results and usage.  During this time period I have suffered from two serious, deep squirrel bites to the fingers, one of which tore a pretty good opening in two different places.  In another instance, which was really a freak accident, I got a pretty good knife cut on the side of my hand.

     In both cases, I irrigated (cleaned) the wounds with the DMSO.BZ solution really well, actually squirting it out with a syringe for the squirrel bites.  I then taped the wounds shut with gauze and a bandage.  I kept the gauze saturated with the DMSO.BZ solution for three days before I changed the dressing.  The wounds healed in record time, with little to no scarring and no pain and no infection.  It was really amazing.  The knife cut really should have had stitches but I did not take the time to go get them.  This required more attention as I had to make sure it was tapped shut properly and, as it was on the side of my hand, by the knuckle, it required special taping.  For this wound I actually kept it soaking in the DMSO.BZ solution for over a week, however I did change the gauze several times during that period.  This wound also healed remarkable well, again, with almost no visible scarring.

     You might think that, since you sometimes get a slight stinging or burning sensation on sensitive skin areas that, on an open wound it would really hurt.  This is not the case.  There is really very little discomfort at all.


FDA UPDATE:  Several months ago I actually wrote the FDA a letter asking them about their official position about DMSO and gave them a lot of back ground.  I sent copies to the director and two other individuals, one of whom I had talked to previously.  I also sent copies to my two state U.S. Senators and my local U.S. Representative, just to help insure that the FDA would properly respond.   Guess what?  It has been several months, and not a peep out of them.  I had hoped that so many years have gone by that there would be new personnel who may have been willing to give DMSO a fair review.  I guess I was too optimistic that this would happen.

I'll keep you updated.


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